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Real-Time Mortgage Lead Program
Mortgage Lenders connects thousands of consumers and lenders each and every month. All mortgage leads are generated via the major search engines as well as a strong affiliate base of financial related websites. Our Program is designed to send internet mortgage lead requests of new and existing homeowners requesting everything from refinance leads, second mortgage leads, home equity leads, home improvement leads, debt consolidation leads and home purchase lead requests. See sample lead format.

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Whether you're a single loan officer or a larger mortgage lender with a room full of LO's, we have the leads and volume your business needs.

Call us today to see why customer service is the foundation of our business.

Real Time Mortgage Leads:
First off, we do not recycle old leads. Our system processes leads real time. Which means, as the borrower press's submit on the application, within seconds after scrubbing the data for address and phone number verification, it goes to you. We don't manipulate our data.

Mortgage Leads Delivery Format:
Our leads are delivered in real time via standard email. Excel, .CSV, XML, Http post options all available.

Free Mortgage Leads:
We do not offer anything for free. Good leads have costs. Be wary of anyone offering free leads. Further, we do not offer FREE trial or test leads. We've been providing good quality leads since 2000 and many of our lenders have been with us since the beginning. Some of our larger partners have funded millions of dollars in loans on our site. In the end, it's your money, you decide.

We've worked with successful LO's since 2000 - we've seen the ups and downs, but in the end, we've always been committed to your success.

If you're reading this, you're either interested in picking up an additional lead source, or canning your current one.

Here are a few reasons why we should work together:

  • We offer good quality mortgage leads delivered in Real time
  • You will never get a recycled lead from us.
  • You will always get leads that match your filters
  • We can work with any size lender, (from a single LO to nationwide)
  • Custom lead delivery format's available to fit your needs (from email to xml feed)
  • Our program allows you to receive unlimited leads for a low monthly price
  • If you have a website, you will get click-through traffic from interested borrowers
  • You can expect phone calls and emails from interested borrowers via your ad
  • We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service

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Read our Testimonials!!

We have been using Mortgage Lenders Plus since 2003; Jennifer is a delight to work with. We close several leads a month with their services. - Dick J. Lee, Independent Mortgage, LLC


Mortgage lenders plus is a great service…..the amount of revenue made on each closed loan we close is great.  These leads work and we will continue to use them.  Plus the service by Jennifer is excellent!!!!!! - Enrico Disandro, Mortgage Options Financial


The Mortgage Lenders Plus lead generation program is incredible.  I would recommend it to anyone in the mortgage business regardless of their size.  - Frank H. Smith, Covenant Mortgage


We have had a good success rate on Mortgage Lenders  We buy a basic program and close a few loans a month.  Great price too.  If you want a lot of leads though you may consider buying more than one state. - Tom Ailabouni, Mortgage Specialist, Sunrise Mortgage Services, Inc.


Mortgage Lenders has given me the best quality leads to help me close millions in loan volume since 2003! The leads are always fresh and real. Jennifer is always very helpful and nice to deal with. The web site is user friendly. I would recommend this lead service to any loan officer. I am one of the top 20 loan originators in the country for the 4th year in a row! - David L. Musk, Pavilion Capital Group,L.L.C., CFO/CEO


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that the leads I have received as a result of my participation in the Mortgage Lenders Plus lead generation program have been very high quality and received in a timely manner.  We have purchased leads with other providers only to call and find out that the proposed customer entered their information up to 4 months earlier, had already bought and closed their loan, etc.  When I call the folks on my MLP leads they are always really looking for a loan.  That's a big plus where leads are concerned.  As always I enjoy working with you and appreciate the fast, reliable and friendly service you provide. Thanks a bunch! - Kathy Aranda, American Financial Services


This letter is to discuss my company’s business relationship with Mortgage Lender’s Plus. When we first opened our shop over 2 years ago, we were bombarded with lead sources promising all sorts of things. I tried several and was burned to the tune of several thousand dollars. But one company, Mortgage Lender’s Plus, delivered all they promised and more. In the 2 ½ years that we have done business together, they have consistently provided quality leads at a true bargain price. The only way Mortgage Lender’s Plus could improve is to open more sites!!! Thanks for the good quality leads and your contributions to our success!!! - Deborah Rodgers, President, Palmetto Home Mortgage Group


I have about 5 loans in process from the site and have taken about 15 apps! WOOHOOO! Thank you for everything! -Michelle Walton, Mortgage COnsultant, Sterling Home Mortgage


The leads generated from your site are working out rather well for our company, the amount generated on a monthly basis along with the percentage we are able to contact is excellent compared to other web based lead generators we have used in the past. - Patrick Bayley, Market Consulting Mortgage

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